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Wow, thank you!! I in fact agree with your viewpoint, but keep in my mind that a lot of this argument is opinion-based and has to do with one’s perception of the human condition, basically—and that varies from person to person. 

I wrote a lot a lot about this, but TL;DR: I would argue that morals come from the human desire to live in societies as opposed to the desire for reward in an afterlife, especially considering many polytheistic religions do not offer automatic reward for good behavior after death. And people who are not religious do not always do bad things; people who do bad things are not always non-religious. It goes both ways. 

Put this under a cut for length, if you read it and find any errors in my discussion of certain religions or disagree with me on any points/have anything to add, let me know!! I’d be curious to hear all of your thoughts. 

So, my longer points:

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