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THERE HAS BEEN A DEATH —> starring Golshifteh Farahani, Amrita Acharia, and Saoirse Ronan

fake film meme (for theladymelisandre)

Reserved graduate student Mitra (Farahani) is three months away from earning her PhD in medicine at Oxford when male students begin turning up, gruesomely murdered, around campus. Having nursed a lifelong interest in criminology, Mitra decides to conduct a small investigation of her own… which eventually leads her to Sarah (Ronan) and Aisha (Acharia), a pair of extremely close best friends.

On the surface, Sarah and Aisha are star pupils in Oxford’s undergraduate law program, and both girls are charismatic, well-liked, and on the road to major success… but Mitra feels there is something bizarre about them. After carefully staging a first meeting in order to introduce herself fo them, Mitra quickly becomes part of their tight-knit group, all with the intention of finding out the truth. As time goes by and all of them grow closer, Mitra becomes increasingly certain that her new friends are responsible for the murders… but less certain that she wants to turn them in.

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