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if you think about it the stark words are just fucking bizarre

all the other houses have mottos that pertain to their values or make them seem impressive or something alone those lines- “growing strong”, “hear me roar”, “family duty honor”, etc.

and then there’s just house stark


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    Might I just add that “Hear Me Roar” is totally and essentially Lannister in every way? Sure, they might sound...
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    The Starks worship the old gods and they were friends with the Children of the Forest for years. Maybe they know...
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    REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR OUTSIDE FURS, GUYS! But, really, isn’t it just saying ‘be prepared for the hard times’? That’s how...
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    I have a theory about this. I think Starks are owner of the shopping center in Westeros. They want to sell more clothes...
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    Perhaps because when Winter is come they are truly the only ones able to withstand it (considering that the Starks...
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